GoldenPride Kennel



Jennifer with one of my Golden Angels
Owner of GoldenPride Kennels

GoldenPride Kennels is owned and ejoyed by Jennifer Hart-Vachon.  My pride in Goldens began back in 1997 when I was given my first Golden boy, "Willy".  His gentle disposition, fun-filled personality and unconditional love hooked me on this beautiful and wonderful breed. Not long after, two more Golden Females were purchased, "Tenby's Hannah's Asker" and "Tenby's Amber Joy" and our search for the perfect male ended with "Fortknox New Years Remote ECHO" from "FortKnox Goldens Reg'd" in Shakespere Ontario.  Litters began with a breeding between promising stud dog out of Shaynedoro's kennel known as "Shaynedoro OnceMoreWithFeeling" and our Tenby's AMBER Joy. From that breeding we kept our first GoldenPride female, a beautiful replica of this breed, "GoldenPride Jerzy Girl".


 Our puppies are home raised and well socialized in our family setting.  Our commitment is to produce healthy, sound puppies that conform to the Golden Retriever breed in both looks and temperment.  Our breeding dogs have been screened to be free of Hip, Elbow, Eye and Heart abnormalities typical to be inheritable to the breed.  Our puppies are sold only to approved homes, with written health guarantees.  Puppies are microchipped for identification, vet checked for health, preliminary vaccinations, dewormed, and registered with the Canadian Kennel Club.


We welcome visitors to our home and kennels, however we do ask you give us a call ahead to ensure we have the time to meet with you and address all your questions.


We strive to achieve the Golden Retriever Standards, in looks, conformation and temperment. We believe this glorious breed really are GoldenAngels on Earth!
Rob at work building our Kennels

We are a small hobby kennel,  located in Echo Bay, Ontario, which is 15 minutes east of  Sault Ste Marie,  at the hub of the Great Lakes.  We have a limited breeding program and share our hearts and home with our 6 Golden Angels, Echo, Amber, Jerzy Girl,  EmmaLee and introducing Ginger Snap and Stonemead Dundee! Our breeding program ensures puppies with distinction and unmistakable golden qualities!


We are members of the Canadian Kennel Club and the Golden Retriever Club of Canada.



Our babies are spoiled and our greatest joy is placing them in families that will love, cherish and spoil them as we do